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The Adventures of Hare & Snail


Quite often I am asked, why a hare and a snail?

At first they seem like an unlikely duo, but it has a lot to do with their symbolism.

Hares have an air of mysticism, they symbolise fertility, creation, new beginnings, solitude and focus. They are strong, masters of camouflage and clever. As I searched the internet for affirmation of my understanding, I also discovered that people who feel close to hares are often artistic, sensitive and untamed.

The snail also has it's own symbolism, of patience, evolution and healing.


66 le temps ou les arbres etiant vivant_edited_edited.png

Hare, being more attuned to the spiritual, explains the bigger things, the animals and birds, the ebb and flow of the days and seasons and the predators and friends. Snail's role is to explain the smaller things, the other insects, flowers and plants.

He is inquisitive, like a child and can get into some tricky situations.

Together they embark on a lifelong adventure, exploring the countryside around them, teaching each other about the worlds each of them live in and although, seemingly far apart, they are also part of the ever evolving, ever unfolding universe.

The Hare & Snail stories are often set in a large piece of land surrounding 'The House', inspired by my own much smaller wild garden where they meet other friends, as I discover their presence in my own garden. There's Squirrel, Badger, Fox, Hedgehog, Raven, Gull and Mouse  (who all have their own symbolism), as well as the bees, moths and butterflies. The only fictional character so far has been The Hedge Brownie, a sort of garden gnome, who takes care of the whole land.

You can discover more about Hare & Snail below, various projects, books and artwork.


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Hare & Snail Adventures
Book 1 The Frog Prince.
Available to order.

Hare & Snail
and The Spirit Tree
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Hare & Snail Artwork

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