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Updated: Apr 19, 2022

I thought I'd make things a little easier and create a catalogue of the paintings available for my GoFundMe project to raise funds for The Red Cross and those effected by the Ukraine Crisis.

I will continue to collect donations for another week. I will then post on Facebook and Instagram, the transaction, so you are assured that the funds have gone straight to The Red Cross

I decided to use Go Fund Me to raise money because I have so many friends from across the globe and this seemed to be the easiest way, because it can be translated into most languages, and I have just lately come across so many issues with payment platforms that work abroad, but don't work in the UK.

The reason I wanted to raise funds for this crisis in particular, not that I am not involved in any others, I'm just a bit quieter about them, because I don't want it to seem that I am benefiting from any kind of crisis. But this one in particular is so close to home.

I work with Polish, Ukrainians and Russian people, these are my colleagues, in turmoil, and although there are some language barriers, I can see the anguish in my friends' eyes as they try to find out information about their families.

I also have friends through Instagram, both from Ukraine and Russia. I do not know one Russian who wants to be a part of this catastrophe. The moment I felt I had to do something, was when I received a heartfelt message from a Russian friend saying "In case the internet is turned off, I wanted to tell you now, that I'm glad that you were in my life".

I cried for days.

These are the paintings available in the sale. Each one in hand painted in watercolour and measures 15x15cm, the painting is then varnished to help protect it from the sun and makes it waterproof (though I myself, have not tested this!)

Each painting is numbered on the bottom right corner. If the painting is sold, it will say so on the top left corner.

To purchase a painting. Use this link:

Please read the information given on this page:

And let me know in the message/comment area during the donation process, which painting it is you wish to purchase.

Or you can use the contact page on this website, or Instagram or Facebook

ANY donation is welcome.

Update: So far we have raised £206 so far!

If there is anything else you want to know, or I haven't made anything clear, please feel free to get in touch.

Thank you all so much for your donations.


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