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'Hare and Snail and The Spirit Tree' was developed through Inktober21. If you are not aware of the Inktober Challenge, it is an annual challenge for artists, illustrators and general people who like to draw. Each October, challenge founder Jake Parker releases a series of random words, for which, the participators create an illustration. I had been using this project to develop Hare & Snail, in 2020 I wrote rhyming couplets to go with the illustrations. in 2021, I wanted to write a coherent story, but remaining true to the order of the Inktober words as they were released.


Hare lay down, close to the Spirit and dreamt of the coming Spring, to be back together with his friend the Snail and the adventures that that would bring".


The book was printed, as opposed to published by my local printing shop.


Hare & Snail and the Spirit Tree Book

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