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100 Day Project 2023

So What's this all about?

I use this project to explore and refine my Hare and Snail illustrations. Using these nature inspired illustrations gives me focus throughout the project. The music sets a theme and then this year I am also using my art book collection to set a style.

Spotify Playlist.

These paintings will go up for sale to raise funds for FMA UK

Last year I put my paintings up for sale for a donation to raise funds for the Red Cross who were helping people caught up in the fighting in Ukraine. Together we raised in the region of £250. Thank you.

This year the donations will go to FMA UK. 

You may, or may not be aware that I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, after a series of tests and appointments, it's a long process and not an easy one. Often coming up against consultants and GPs who claimed it was all in my head or it was just depression, or I was making it up for attention

(a GP actually said this to me!).

This charity is run by volunteers, many of them with FM and they stand for people like me, assisting the NHS, the public and the media in the understanding of the disorder.

Sending out information packs as the research changes. 

How this is going to work.

Scroll through either these (if you click on the painting it will give you the number and title - its a bit messed up on IG because I forgot what day I was on, frequently!) or if it's easier on my instagram page and DM me with which painting you would like (either by number or title, or both), I will give you my paypal address and you make your donation. If paypal is difficult, we will try and work something out.

Of the money raised, whatever is left after postage, will go to FMAUK

Thank you to everyone who encourages and supports my little Hare and Snail world and any other artwork, it means the world to me!

Also, there is a link above to the Spotify Playlist that accompanies this project.

A few customers are asking about prices: It's literally a donation, so whatever you can afford. If you can cover postage, obviously this is more beneficial because more money goes to the charity. International postage from the UK is from £2.20 for a letter. That's 2.74$   2.53Euros  4.12ADollars. to give an idea.

If you prefer you can pay from here, but please make sure I know which painting it is you would like, make sure with me that it hasn't already sold and that I have your address. Thank you.

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We're already up to £200, thank you! 
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